How we can continue to plan your dream home during these tough times...

  • The first step with any architectural project is to get in touch which can be via email or over the phone. We would normally at this time arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in more detail. Naturally we need to follow the Governments lockdown guidelines in which case we would currently advise a video call of your choice, Skype, facetime etc. What with Google Earth and other resources available to us, we can certainly discuss your project, make recommendations and provide a no obligation quotation for the associated architectural work.
  • We are offering FREE initial consultation, get in touch to arrange a 30 minute remote meeting.
  • Should we be successful and you decide to move forward with us, the challenge is then to measure up the property which would generally require internal access for approximately 1-2 hours. We feel in the current time we cannot enter your home, in which case we need your input to move forwards. In essence you will need to provide a very basic internal plan of your property along with providing photographs of every room. We will then complete an external survey ensuring there is no contact between us and protective gloves will be worn!
  • Providing a plan and measurments of your home may seem like a daunting exercise, however, many of our clients already do this in order to enable them to make some sort of clear plan in their own mind before even contacting us. Apps / software such as Magicplan, Home Design 3D, Sketchup etc are all available to you. Alternatively you can use our personal favourite – a simple pen and paper! We can of course work with you in order to guide you and examples can be sent to you.
  • Once the above steps are complete we would rarely need to visit again and we could move your project forwards in the normal way taking full advantage of the digital age!
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NHS Donation

We feel the NHS are doing a fantastic job during these tough times and cant be praised enough. For this reason we will be donating 10% of all earnings to the NHS during this lockdown period. Whilst we all want to continue as normal, without the help of the NHS, this simply wont happen.

An Opportunity?

At Blackrock Architecture we truly believe every cloud has a silver lining and we strive to take the positive out of every situation. See below to find out more...


We are all stuck at home with time on our hands. Why not use this time to plan your dream home properly, this process is often rushed due to our busy working schedules. COVD will come and go, your home won't – that’s for life!

Let's work together and get it right!


The design and planning process is largely done from the office and generally takes in the region of 3-5 months to go organise what with Local Authority processing times.

Let's use this time to keep your project moving forwards without the need to come in to contact.

Cost Saving

Contractors will naturally be desperate to gain traction once we are out the other side as will builders merchants. What with record low-interest rates taking in to account the advice we have received, we would expect to see overall project costs reduce by as much as 10%!

Blackrock Architecture Ltd

Thank you for your continued support

John Payne – principal of company