John’s ‘London to Brighton’ Charity Bike Ride for Dementia UK

On Sunday 10th September, John completed the London to Brighton bike ride for his chosen charity, Dementia UK. Teaming up with James from South East Architectural Services, John braved the 30+° weather, and raised £695 through Just Giving.

“It was a hot one, but we got the job done!” – John Payne.

The London to Brighton Cycle Ride is challenging 55 miles starting in Clapham Common, and ending at the seafront, in view of the iconic pier. ‘As you can see by my profile photo, this cycling thing doesn’t come easy to me!’ John explained on his Just Giving page. ‘Dementia/Alzheimers is a very tough, incurable disease that so many people struggle with, often un-noticed with little or no support.’

‘From a personal perspective, my mother-in-law has unfortunately been diagnosed with this terrible condition, and seeing her rapid decline over just a few short years is extremely sad. It truly affects the whole family. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a cure – but this disease has quite literally taken a well-deserved retirement away from a mother and father in law who have been happily married for over fifty years, and the money raised [by the bike ride] will assist Dementia UK continue their good work’ – John Payne.

Every three minutes someone in the UK develops dementia (Dementia UK, September 2023). Today, there are over 940,000 people living with dementia, including early onset, and only 400 Admiral Nurses to support them. There is little medical follow-up support for dementia patients, and the growing crisis needs urgent attention. Dementia UK provides patients, family and friends with specialist advice and support – as the fear and confusion caused by Dementia creates devastating and complex challenges for those in the patient’s life. It is easy for carers and patients to feel isolated, so any donation to Dementia UK can save a family from reaching breaking point.

If you’d like to support John’s chosen charity, we’ve included the link to the Just Giving Page here.

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